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Exhibition List for 2023
More Information Coming Soon


Months of July and August

The Artwork of Michael Dunn and Mary Whalen

July 7, 2023 Opening Reception


The Month of September

Photosynthesis II Ekphrastic Exhibition

September 1, 2023 Opening Reception

The Month of October

Art Quilt Exhibition

Opening Reception TBD


The Month of December

Ninth Wave Studio's Annual Group Exhibition

December 1, 2023 Opening Reception

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tansy lee moir

2024 Artist in Residence
Tansy Lee Moir

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 6.43.13 PM.png

Ninth Wave Studio (NWS) is very pleased to announce the selection of Edinburgh based artist Tansy Lee Moir for its 2024 Artist Residency program. 


Moir is an artist inspired by the forms and stories of old trees. Her art encourages us to look at trees in new ways and to think about our ancient, layered relationships with them as living organisms. 

Originally from Matlock in Derbyshire, she gained a BA in Three-Dimensional Design from Manchester Metropolitan University. Following three years working as a puppet maker and performer, she moved to Edinburgh to practice as a Community Artist and studied Community Education at Post Graduate level.

For 25 years Tansy used art and creativity as a medium to support marginalized communities in community development projects throughout Central Scotland. In 2008 she set up her studio to focus more fully on her drawing and in 2017 she moved to her purpose-built garden studio in South Queensferry, just outside Edinburgh, where she now works full-time as an artist and educator.


"One of the things I’d love to explore further is translating my drawing into printmaking and I know that Ninth Wave studio has a print room.


I’ve done some experimentation combining drypoint and carborundum printmaking, which seems to offer the mix of drawn line and rich tone that I’m looking for. I’ve done some printmaking in the past and would really like some time to explore it more deeply now."

more information coming soon
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