The mission of Ninth Wave Studio is to promote and nurture the ingenuity and individual growth of the artists of Southwest Michigan by providing collaborative opportunities for exhibitions, creative events, experimentation, practice and dialog.




Ninth Wave Studio is the studio of artist, Linda Rzoska. It is located in the Mary Louise Haynes house in downtown Kalamazoo. This historic building was built in 1895 as a Queen Anne Victorian home

by Mary Louise Bixby Haynes. Mrs. Haynes was the daughter of a well to do Kalamazoo business man, Ira Bixby whose original home stands next door on the corner of Walnut Street and Rose Street.


The house was purchased by Linda and her husband Leszek in 1989 to house Linda's graphic design and illustration business. In 2009 it was renovated to become a fine art studio with gallery rooms to exhibit local artists' work.


Ninth Wave Studio's gallery rooms are currently closed to the public due to the pandemic. We will continue to have virtual exhibitions until we can open again when the COVID threat has been eliminated. 

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