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advisory board  

Lorrie Abdo

Kalamazoo Books Arts Organization


Mindi Bagnall

Artist at Large


Susan Badger

Kirk Newman School of Art at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Justin Dumois

Emerging Artist

Maryellen Hains 

Signature Artists, LLC – Kalamazoo Artists Co-operative

Anna Ill 

Artist at Large

Beth McCann

Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services Inc. 

Dave Middleton

Emerging Artist

Katie Mumby

Richmond Center for Visual Arts at Western Michigan University

Beth Purdy

Center for New Media at Kalamazoo Valley Community College


Linda Rzoska

Ninth Wave Studio Owner and Director


Vicki VanAmeyden

Southwest Michigan Printmakers


Randy Walker

Artist at Large


To comply with Coronavirus social distancing measures the April 2020 Advisory Board Meeting was canceled - and no other physical meetings were scheduled. To keep communications open - periodic correspondences were sent to the Ninth Wave Studio Advisory Board with timely updates.

These correspondences are available on the right.


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