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in the studio: april 19, 2022


daily notes

first day in the studio.


in the studio: april 20, 2022

daily notes

day two in the studio


Randy Walker brought in plants from his property.


positioned the plant forms on canvases in the studio and covered them with paint.


in the studio: april 21, 2022

daily notes

day three in the studio


first day of sunshine and working 


laid out my first canvas on the back lawn of Ninth Wave Studio's property.


arranged some found objects on the canvas and poured thinned acrylic paint over the objects.

altered and revised the composition by rearranging the objects, blotting up paint with rags and adding bursts of soap with a spray bottle.


in the studio: april 23, 2022

daily notes

day four in the studio

a visit to Pam and Randy Walker's home and property allowed a gathering of plant material.


mixed all kinds of paint recipes and laid out canvases on the back lawn of Ninth Wave Studio's property.


poured my paint recipes over the arranged plants and then waited for everything to dry while making minor adjustments.


removed plants which allowed what was still wet to dry. 


prepared the studio space and gallery rooms for tomorrow's meet

& greet.

hung up in-progress work and photo printouts to show the meet & greet visitors.


in the studio: april 26, 2022

daily notes

day seven in the studio

the morning was occupied with a meeting at pierce cedar creek institute in hastings.

spent the afternoon in the studio painting plus planing and preparing wednesday evening's drawing workshop.


in the studio: april 27, 2022

daily notes

day eight in the studio

before going into the studio I gathered daffodils, dogwood branches, dried branches from rose of sharon bushes and other things from the garden. 

using these in the studio, I experimented with compositional elements while continuing to paint.


in the studio: april 29, 2022

daily notes

day ten in the studio

started new artwork today by placing plant forms on canvas and pouring on diluted paint.

worked on several watercolor studies of michigan's blooming plants while waiting for the paint to dry.


in the studio: may 1, 2022

daily notes

day twelve in the studio

finished four paintings in the studio today.

started putting more layers on other in-progress paintings - hoping they will be finished by friday's art hop.